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How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table
with Your Merchant Account?  (And Could ONE
Quick Growth Spurt Put Your Entire Business at Risk?)

"Take Five Minutes to Check Your Merchant Account Against Our Underwriters and You Could Add $5,000+ to Your Bottom Line!"

Plus... if and when you experience that  sudden growth spurt every entrepreneur dreams about, having the WRONG merchant account could literally put you out of business!

Most entrepreneurs don't give their merchant accounts a second thought.  But shaving 1/2%, 3/4%, or even a full point off your discount rate can be worth a fortune to your bottom line every year.  Plus, having the wrong merchant account puts your entire business at risk if (and when) you experience that sudden growth spurt you're trying so hard to create.  Don't wait until it's too late: It doesn't cost a penny to find out!

 Fill Out the Quick and Easy Form to Get Our FREE
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Assuming We Can Help, How Quickly Do You Want to Start?

The Underwriters We Associate With Can Beat MOST Other Banks on Merchant Account Discount Rates and Fees!  Which Could Mean Thousands, or Even Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Your Pocket Each and Every Year! Plus, we've got SOLID options and strategies for high risk (even blacklisted) businesses!"

(IMPORTANT: Because we attend to these requests via real personal interaction with
merchant  account experts, we may need to place you on a short waiting list in times of
high demand.  We hope you'll understand and will get back to you as soon as possible)

Disclaimer: Although we will be utterly shocked and humiliated if we can't help you, savings are not warranted or guaranteed. But it doesn't cost a penny to find out.  And most entrepreneurs we talk to CAN find significant savings.  Plus, you'll get a free consultation with a merchant account expert to help you plan for growth.  You'll learn how to understand your statement.  You'll discover the kinds of fee savings you can negotiate (and how to do it).  You'll see how to handle product launches and revenue spikes into the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You'll discover how to fight digital charge backs, and how to prevent them in the first place!


Listen, we know you're busy.  And we know forms are a pain.  But you know what's more of a pain?  Wasting thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by neglecting to get a competitive rate analysis on your merchant account.

Most business owners get a merchant account and never think about it again.  They want to concentrate on making money, and merchant account fees seem like something "for the bean counters" to attend to while the owner works on MAKING money.  But unfortunately, the "bean counters" never seem to get around to it either, which means the merchant account underwriter's have a real thing going for themselves AT YOUR EXPENSE!

You see, that extra percent, half percent, or even quarter of a percent difference adds up to a FORTUNE when you just let your account run for years on end without questioning it.  Even if you're only doing $100,000 a year, wouldn't you rather have an extra $500 to $1,000 in your pocket EVERY YEAR from now on?    Even at this low level of processing volume, the five minutes you spend to fill out the form TODAY could very easily put another $5,000 to your bottom line over the next few years.

And what if you're doing $100,000 a year?   It doesn't take a rocket scientist to suggest doubling the above.  But if your business will do $500K to $1,000,000+ this year, then I can say with confidence you may be leaving a fortune on the table.  Certainly enough to make a luxury car payment every month.  And depending on where you live, and how big your business is, maybe even your mortgage! 

But none of this really has to be guess work.  In fact, other than filling out this form, none of it really has to be work at all!   Other than the brief time it'll take you to complete the form—which may turn out to be compensated on a per-hour basis more highly than anything else you've ever done—WE'LL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU.

None of your information will be sold or shared with other parties looking to "hard sell" you.  We'll only share it with professionals we believe can help you either lower your fees (to restore money to your bottom line) and/or get you approved for higher processing volume so your business can grow to match your dreams!

Go ahead, complete the might be the most profitable thing you do this year! 




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